Books Under Progress

  1. Power Electronics: Circuits, devices and applications by Muhammad H. Rashid(3rd Edition)
  2. Engineering Mechanics-Statistics & Dynamics by Irving H. Shames & Krishna Mohan Rao (4th Edition)
  3. Introduction to Fluid Mechanics by Fox & McDonald, Philip J. Pritchard (6th Edition)
  4. Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics by Moran & Shapiro (5th Edition)
  5. A Heat Transfer Textbook by Lienhard John H. 4th & Lienhard John H. 5th (3rd Edition)
  6. Fundamentals of Thermodynamics by Borgnakke Claus & Sonntag E. Richard (7th Edition)
  7. Principles of Heat Transfer by Kreith & Bohn (4th Edition)
  8. Elements of Mechanical Engineering by K.P. Roy & S.K. Hajra Chaudhry (5th Edition)
  9. Miller & Freunds Probability & Statistics for Engineers by Richard J. (8th Edition)
  10. Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics by Gopinath Halder (1st Edition)
  11. Chemical Engineering - Fluid Flow, Heat Transfer & Mass Transfer Vol. 1 by J. M. Coulson, J. F. Richardson (6th edition)
  12. Programming in ANSI C by E. Balagurusamy (6th Edition)
  13. C++ Program Design by James P. Cohoon, Jack W. Davidson
  14. Programming with C by Byron S. Gottfried (3rd Edidion)
  15. Numerical methods using C by E. Balagurusamy (1st Edition)
  16. Mass Transfer Operations by Robert Treybal (3rd Edition)
  17. Accelerated C++ by Andrew Koeing & Barbara Moo (1st Edition)
  18. Mastering C by K. R. Venugopal(1st Edition)
  19. Basic Electrical Engineering by Debashisha Jena(1st Edition)
  20. Textbook on C: Fundamentals, Data structures & problem solving by Krathikeyan A.(1st Edition)
  21. Teach yourself C++ by Herbert Schildt(3rd Edition)
  22. A textbook of Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic machines by R. K. Bansal(9th Edition)
  23. Radio - Frequency and Microwave communication circuits analysis and design by D. K. Mishra(2nd Edition)
  24. Data Structures using C++ by D. S. Malik(2nd Edition)
  25. Data Structures with C by Seymour Lipschutz(1st Edition)
  26. Computer Programming in C by V. Rajaram(EE Edition)
  27. Programming in C++ by P. B. Mahapatra(6th Edition)
  28. Fluid power with applications by Anthony Asposito(1st Edition)
  29. Advanced C programming by A. P. Godse & D. A. Godse(1st Edition)
  30. Radar Engineering and Fundamentals of Navigational Aida by G. S. N. Raju(1st Edition)
  31. Principles of Electronics by V. K. Mehta and Rohit Mehta(11th Edition)
  32. Antenna and Wave propagation by K. K. Sharma(1st Edition)
  33. Electronics Communication by Dennis Roddy and John Coolen (4th Edition)
  34. Programming in C by Pradip Dey and Manas Ghosh(1st Edition)
  35. Application of Numerical Techniques with C by Suresh Chandra
  36. Fluid flow for the practicing Chemical engineer by James P. Abulencia & Louis Theodore(1st Edition)
  37. Chemical Reactor analysis and applications for the practicing Engineer by Louis Theodore(1st Edition)
  38. Thermodynamics for the practicing Engineer by Loius Theodore, Francesco Ricci & Timothy Vanvliet(1st Edition)
  39. Priciples of Power systems by V. K. Mehta & R. Mehta(4th Edition)
  40. C for dummies by Dan Gookin(2nd Edition)
  41. The complete reference Java 2 by Herbert Schildt(5th Edition)
  42. Data Structures and Algorithms made easy by Narasimha Karumanchi(2nd Edition)
  43. Fundamentals of Data Structures in C++ by Ellis Horowitz, Sartaj Sahni & Dinesh Mehta(2nd Edition)
  44. Stength of materials - Mechanics of solids by Er R. K. Rajput(revised Edition)
  45. Transport Processes and Unit Operations by C. J. Geankoplis(3rd Edition)
  46. Mechanics of fluids by A. C. Walshaw & D. A. Jobson
  47. Electronic devices and circuits by I. J. Nagrath
  48. Modern Physics by B. L. Theraja(16th Edition)
  49. Electrical and Electronic Principles and Technology by John Bird(3rd Edition)
  50. Op-Amps and Linear Integrated circuit by S. Sharma(1st Edition)
  51. Stoichiometry and Process calculations by K. V. Narayanan & B. Lakshmikutty(1st Edition)
  52. Antenna and Wave Propagation by K. D.Prasad(3rd Edition)
  53. Optical Fiber Communications Principles and practice by John M. Senior(3rd Edition)
  54. Data structures through C in depth by S. K. Srivastava & Deepali Srivastava
  55. Operational Amplifiers and Linear Integrated circuits by R. F. Coughline & F. F. Driscoll(6th Edition)
  56. Surveying volume 3 by A. K. Arora(1st Edition)
  57. Electric Power Transmission: System engineering and Design by Turan Gonen(2nd Edition)
  58. Material science and engineering by Dr. K. M. Gupta(5th Edition)
  59. Programming in C by R. Subburaj(1st Edition)
  60. Concepts of modern physics by Arthur Beiser(6th Edition)
  61. Fundamentals of electronic drives and control by B. R. Gupta & V. Singhal(1st Edition)
  62. Magnifying C by Arpita Gopal(1st Edition)
  63. Semiconductor Physics and devices by D. A. Naemen(3rd Edition)
  64. Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics by Y. V. C. Rao(1st Edition)
  65. Textbook of Engineering Chemistry by R. N. Goyal & H. Goel(1st Edition)
  66. Chemical reaction Engineering by O. Levenspiel(3rd Edition)
  67. Radar Engineering and fundamentals of Navigational Aids by G. S. N. Raju(1st Edition)
  68. Engineering and Chemical Thermodynamics by M. D. Koretsky(2nd Edition)
  69. Basic Electrical Engineering with numerical problems(Volume-1) by P. S. Dhogal(1st Edition)
  70. Engineering thermodynamics by P. K. Nag(4th Edition)
  71. Introduction to heat transfer by S. K. Som(1st Edition)
  72. Electronic Devices and Circuits by K. L. Kishore(1st Edition)
  73. Principles of Electronic Communication Systems by Louis E. Freznel(3rd Edition)
  74. Mechanics of Materials by R. C. Hibbeler(8th Edition)
  75. Elementary heat power by H. L. Solberg
  76. Thermodynamics: An Engineering approach by Michael A. boles & Yunus A. cengel(5th Edition)
  77. Thermodynamics by F. P. Durham(2nd Edition)
  78. Semiconductor Devices Physics and Technology by S. M. Sze(2nd Edition)
  79. Analog Electronics by U. A. Bakshi & A. P. Godse
  80. Solid State Electronic Devices by Ben Streetman & sanjay Banerjee(EE Edition)
  81. Digital Communications by S. Sharma(6th edition)
  82. Engineering Physics by D. K. Bhattacharya & A. Bhaskaran(1st Edition)
  83. Applied Physics II by H. J. Sawant
  84. Fundamentals of Computing and Programming in C by V. Ramesh Babu, R. Samyuktha, M. Munirathnam
  85. Thermodynamics: From concepts to applications by A. Shavit & C. Gutfinger(2nd Edition)