Converted Text Books

  1. Introduction to Probability Models, Sixth Edition - Sheldon M. Ross
  2. Introduction to Flight by J.D. Anderson (6th Edition)
  3. Electronic Communication Systems by George Kennedy, Bernard Davis & S.R.M Prasanna (5th Edition)
  4. Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes by Richard M. Felder, Ronald W. Rosseau (3rd Edition)
  5. Elements of Practical Aerodynamics by Bradley Jones (4th Edition)
  6. Modern Compressible Flow with Historical Perspective by John D. Anderson (2nd Edition)
  7. The C Book by Mike Banahan, Declan Brady & Mark Doran (2nd Edition)
  8. Modern Physics by Serway, Moses, Moyer (3rd Edition)
  9. Fluid Mechanics by F.M. White (6th Edition)
  10. Applied Thermodynamics by Onkar Singh (3rd Edition)
  11. A Textbook of Engineering Physics by M. S. Avadhanulu (9th Edition)
  12. Introduction to thermodynamics & Heat transfer by David A. mooney(1st Edition)
  13. Structural and Stress analysis by Dr. T. H. G. Megson(2nd Edition)
  14. The C programming language by Brian W. Kernighan & Dennis M. Ritchie(2nd Edition)
  15. An Introduction to the C Programming Language and Software design by Tim Bailey(1st Edition)
  16. Elements of thermal Technology by John H. Seely(1st Edition)
  17. Object Oriented Programming with C++ by E. Balagurusamy(4th Edition)
  18. Programming in C by D. Ravichandran(1st Edition)
  19. A first of C++ from here to there by Gary J. Bronson(3rd Edition)
  20. Satellite Communications by Dennis Roddy(3rd Edition)
  21. Solid State Physics: Structure and Properties of materials by M. A. Wahab(2nd Edition)
  22. Fluid Mechanics by John F. Douglas(5th Edition)
  23. Heat Transfer(in S.I. units) by J. P. Holman(9th Edition)
  24. Op-Amps & Linear integrated circuits by Ramakant Gaykwad(4th Edition)
  25. C++ for dummies by Stephen Randy Davis(5th Edition)
  26. C by dissection: The essentials of C programming by Al Kelly & Ira Pohl(1st Edition)
  27. Schaum's Outlines - Programming with C++ by John R. Hubbard(2nd Edition)
  28. Engineering Physics by T. Sreekanth, K. Vijaya Kumar & S. Chandralingam(1st Edition)
  29. Electronic devices by Thomas L. Floyd
  30. Data Structures and Algorithms in Java by Robert Lafore(2nd Edition)
  31. Electric Machinery by A. E. Fitzgerald, Kingsley & Umans(6th Edition)
  32. Heat transfer applications for the Practicing Engineer by Louis Theodore(1st Edition)
  33. Principles and modern Applications of Mass transfer Operations by J. Benitez(2nd Edition)
  34. Practical C programming by Steve Qualline(3rd Edition)
  35. Basic electronics and Linear Circuits by N. N. Bhargava, D. C. Kulshreshtha, S. C. Gupta(1st Edition)
  36. Programming in C by Stephen G. Kochan(3rd Edition)
  37. Elements of electromagnetics by Mathew N. O. Sadiku(3rd Edition)
  38. C++ in Action - Industrial Strength Programming Techniques by Bartosz Milewski(2001)
  39. How to think like a Computer Scinetist: C++ version by Alleb B. Downey
  40. Beginning C++ through Game programming by Michael Dawson(3rd Edition)
  41. C++ Demystified: A self-teaching guide by Jeff Kent(1st Edition)
  42. Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics by B. R. Munson, D. F. Young & T. H. Okishii(6th Edition)
  43. Fluid Mechanics - Worked Examples for Engineers by C. Schaschke(1st Edition)
  44. Fluidization Engineering by K. Daizo & O. Levenspiel(2nd Edition)
  45. Elements of mass transfer(Part 1) by N. Anantharaman & K. M. M. S. Begum(1st Edition)
  46. Let us C by Yashavant P. Kanetkar(5th Edition)
  47. Industrial Instrumentation by K. Krishnaswamy & S. Vijayachitra(2nd Edition)
  48. Basic Principles and Calculations in chemical Engineering by D. M. Himmelblau & J. B. Riggs(7th Edition)
  49. Beginning C by Ivon Horton(5th Edition)
  50. A Textbook of Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics by K. V. Narayanan
  51. Fundamentals of Heat and Mass transfer by Incropera(3rd Edition)
  52. Electronic Principles by Albert Malvino & David J. Bates(7th Edition)
  53. Thermodynamics: A core course by R. C. Srivastava, S. K. Saha & A. K. Jain(2nd Edition)
  54. C++ from the ground by Herbert Schildt(3rd Edition)
  55. Electrical circuit theory and technology by J. O. Bird(2nd revised edition)
  56. Engineering Thermodynamics: A Computer approach by R. K. Rajput(SI units version)
  57. Engineering heat transfer by W. S. Janna(2nd Edition)
  58. Basic Mechanical Engineering by G. K. Pathak & D. K. Chavan(1st Edition)
  59. Fundamentals of Electronic devices by J. B. Gupta(1st Edition)
  60. Engineering physics by A. Marikani(1st Edition)
  61. Heat transfer by K. A. Gavhane(10th Edition)
  62. Linear Integrated Circuits by S. Salivahanan, V. S. Kanchana Bhaaskaran(1stEdition)
  63. Microwave and radar engineering by M. Kulkarni(3rd Edition)
  64. Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics by K. V. Narayanan(1st Edition)
  65. A Comprehensive Textbook of Applied Physics by M. Kumar(1st Edition)
  66. Ansi C Programming by Yashwant Kanetkar(1st Edition)
  67. Fluid Mechanics for Chemical Engineers by N. D. Nevers
  68. Mechanics of Materials by J. M. Gere(6th Edition)
  69. Introduction to chemical engineering by S. K. Ghoshal & S. Datta(1st Edition)
  70. Physical and Chemical Equilibrium for chemical Engineers by N. De. Nevers(1st Edition)
  71. Satellite Communication by Anil K. Maini & Varsha Agarwal(1st Edition)
  72. Engineering Physics by G. Aruldhas(1st Edition)
  73. Principles of Data Structures using C and C++ by Vinu V. Das
  74. Solid State Physics by P. K. Palanisamy(1st Edition)
  75. Programming with Java: A primer by E. Balagurusamy(3rd Edition)
  76. Fluid Mechanics by Irafan A. Khan(1st Edition)
  77. Material Science and Engineering: An introduction by William D. Callister(7th Edition)
  78. Hydraulics by J. Lal(2nd Edition)
  79. Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics by P. Ahuja
  80. Surveying volume 3 by B. C. Punmia
  81. Power Electronics:Principles & Applications by J. M. Jacob
  82. Fluid Power Theory & Applications by J. Sullivan(4th Edition)
  83. Optical communication by S. Katiyar(3rd Edition)
  84. Engineering Physics by Dr. K. Vijaya Kumar
  85. Basic Electrical engineering by D. C. Kulshreshtha
  86. Transport Phenomena by R. S. Brodkey & H. C. Hershey(1st Edition)
  87. Electrical Power Systems: Concepts, theory and Practice by Subir Ray(EE Edition)
  88. Problems in Fluid Flow by D. J. Brasch and D. Whyman(1st Edition)
  89. Programming with ANSI and Turbo C by Ashok N. Kamthane(1st Edition)